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Do you believe you can make this world a better place?

We definitely do! And there are many ways to achieve it: by learning about the issues that really matter around the globe, raising others' awareness toward them and lending a helping hand to those in need. We truly believe that every little bit counts. This is how Thinking & Acting e.V. was established – we decided to think, act and make a difference together. Read more…


Have you got a laptop (a tablet, an e-book etc.) that you no longer need?labdoo1
How about helping children by donating it for education purposes?



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It is shocking how destroying human impact is on nature. But we refuse to believe what we know. What are we waiting for?


Environmentalist Yann Arthus-Betrand presents his documentary "Home" and explains us how fragile the Earth is. Measures need to be taken. Now.


Let's protect our planet, let's save our Home. Watch here



Frankfurt, June 2017: Living a happier life

The first event of "zufrieden leben" initiative took place on 26th of June and was a great evening for all paricitpants.

Useful insights from positive psychology researches introduced by Ruth and Margarete were combined immediately with moving and joyful practival exercises, which arranged for laugh and good mood!

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Enormous consumption has global, environmental and social consequences.

For at least 335 consecutive months, the average temperature of the globe has exceeded the average for the 20th century. This temperature increase, as well as acidifying oceans, melting glaciers and Arctic Sea ice are “primarily driven by human activity.”

Many experts believe consumerism and all that it entails plays a big part in pushing our planet to the brink.

Does all this endless consumption result in measurably increased happiness?  Read more



During her travels in 2015 Aika went volunteering to a remote orphanage in Fiji.

If you would like to read about her experience, continue here.


Have you ever stood in front of a shelf filled with books about happiness and joy? There’s an incredible amount of these books on the market and it’s difficult to judge the quality by their cover. Many exciting scientific discoveries have been made in the past 30 years about the reasons of happiness. The event, which is organized by zufrieden leben (www.zufriedenleben.eu) in collaboration with Thinking & Acting shares this information and discusses the ways to find joy in our lives.  Please find more information HERE.

When: 26 June 2017, 6PM

Where: Quartierspavillon Quäkerwiese

Dear all,

we know that some of you have been incredibly helpful supporting little Diana and we are very grateful for all your efforts. To keep you updated on little girl's case: Diana has been diagnosed with a relapse during the MRT on the 22 July. Since 2013 it is the third one for the little girl, the last long treatment was over in April 2016. Diana's doctor believes that the surgery is necessary since the condition that Diana has - embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma - is quite aggressive and if not removed may be progressing. Read more...