Thinking, talking, laughing, quizzing, imagining, believing, hoping, commemorating, arguing and discussing, sharing sorrows and acting. It’s what we did at our “Kleider Machen Leute – Clothes Make People” TAA Event on 23.04.2015 at the Interkulturelle Bühne in Frankfurt. We dedicated this evening to the victims of Rana Plaza collapse on 24 Apr 2013 - one of the biggest tragedies in garment industry. We didn’t want to forget and we didn’t wanted to just be sad about the “bad things” in the world. Because we believe that:
Positive CHANGE is happening because we KNOW about the PROBLEM and it influences our THINKING and BEHAVIOR, what - in turn - contributes to the happier and more SUSTAINABLE WORLD.
Our event was a small contribution to the awareness of the issues and challenges in the modern clothes production. But, we all know: Small Steps Matter.
Thank you all, who came and participated and made this event taking place and making sense.
We will bring donated clothes to the Oxfam Shop Frankfurt-Bornheim and to the Homeless People Care Center (WeserstraĂźe 5 in Frankfurt). Thank you!
Of course, small steps will be continued along with the learning journey : ) Feel free to share your thoughts, steps, experience or useful information related to this topic on our Facebook page and Webpage, leaving a comment. Continue thinking and acting and educate yourself in this topic. To support you on this journey, as promised, please find below:

1. List with the useful links related to the topic of sustainable clothes: Open here

2. Also we invite you to continue playing yourself or with your relatives and friends the “Imagine what if…” play. You can add your own ideas to it. Keep dreaming, asking, imagining, THINKING & ACTING:
- What if I visited one of the garment factories in Bangladesh or China?
- What if I knew more about toxic colors and other harmful chemicals used for production of my clothes?
- What if I had to wash all my clothes by hand (without washing machine)?
- What if I have never seen clothes advertisement in magazines or on TV?
- What if I knew people, who produced my clothes in person?
- What if I sew my clothes by myself?
- What if I bought my clothes in second-hand stores?
- What if dress codes did not exist?
- What if seasonal fashions did not exist?
- What if all clothes sold in Germany were manufactured in Germany?
- What if there were as many museums as fashion boutiques in cities?
- What if clothes did not lose their look after they've been worn for many years?
- What if all clothes I buy were twice as expensive?
- What if I would go shopping only once a year?
- What if I would never throw away clothes that I bought?

3. Never ever stop challenging and reflecting things. We offer you a reflection template. Take 5-10 minutes to write down your answers on the sheet. Keep asking your and other people these and any other question, which you believe will positively change our thinking and behaviour towards to the better world. Open here