Dear TAA friends,

We really appreciated your presence at our birthday celebration on January 17th, 2015. Each and every one of you made the evening very special for us, and for that we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We would also like to thank Ralica for her outstanding ballet performance – we truly enjoyed watching the beauty of her dance and look forward to seeing her perform again at our events in the future. 

From free hugs to focusing on good in others, car-free Sundays, donations, animal protection and plastic free shopping - your active participation and excellent ideas at the World Café session have proved again that small steps matter and together we can make a difference!

We have written all your ideas and steps down (in the exact way you wrote them on the footprints), so that we will all be reminded of what our next steps to make the world a better place will be. Here they are:

1.3 smiles to unknown people. If do all -> all smile. Happy world together.

2.Cook more vegetables for my family.

3.Verschwendung von Essen reduzieren. Weniger kaufen, lieber spenden

4.Help hungry animals.

5.Autofreier Sonntag.

6.To rethink the world, not to behave automatically and change habits.

7.Proper food.

8.Generous tips to low-paid workers.

9.Use less plastic bags.

10.Don’t do washing machine, if it is half.

11.Ask to help somebody.

12.Go and reach out to new people (talk to one stranger every day).

13.Turn down the heat when not at home.

14.Plastikfrei leben, nur natĂĽrliche / bio Waschmittel zu Hause verwenden, weniger Klamotten kaufen und mehr gebrauchte Artikel kaufen.

15.Free hugs, when greeting people. Turning optimist.

16.Focus on the good in every person you meet (especially people you don’t like).

17.Weniger Dokumente ausdrucken im BĂĽro.

18.To avoid waste of groceries.

19.I will give the clothes I don’t wear anymore to Oxfam and with the money they can help in charity projects.

20.Eat two times less meat.

21.Essen in Glas-Behälter anstatt von Plastik kaufen.

22.Weniger MĂĽll produzieren, nachhaltige Lebensmittel kaufen.

23.Using more public transportation instead of cars.

24.Give my family and friends a hug. + Emotional intelligence + Tolerance

25.Recycle more.

26.Bei Neu-Anschaffungen Nachhaltigkeit beachten / langlebige Produkte! (Take care of sustainability when buying new stuff - > buy only long-living products!)

27.BiomĂĽll trennen.

28.A lot of sleep then „smile“-Emoticon

29.Support animals.

30.To understand people instead of preconceived judgements.

31.Donate clothes to homeless people in Frankfurt, assist immigrants.

32.Free Hugs!

33.Drink water from the tap or out of glass bottles.

34.To be careful with what I eat (not to eat fake food, which big companies want me to buy and which slowly kills me).

35.Become a godfather / -mother to children in developing countries.

36.Participate at the animal-shelter charity.

37.Give time & money.

38.Think about things.

39.To buy food without packaging.

40.Believe in you.

41.Klamotten spenden.

42.Weniger Fleisch essen.

43.Urlaub in Deutschland! (nicht weit fliegen, besonders fĂĽr kurzen Urlaub)

44.Accepting other cultures.

45.Mehr nachhaltige biologische Lebensmittel.

46.Avoid eating meat 2 days a week.

47.Build a network.

48.Nachhaltige Geschenke.

49.Change to LED lights.

50.Fair-trade Lebensmittel und Kleidung.

51.Energie sparen, Licht sparen & sparsam Wasser benutzen.

52.Blut spenden.

53.Travel by car less frequently.

54.Auf die Umwelt achten: weniger MĂĽll, Fahrrad fahren, weniger Fleisch essen.

55.Helping other people.

56.To make donation.

57.Reuse things.

58.To see people around us.

Besides, we would like to thank you for your book donations. As we have mentioned before, we are planning to support following projects:

1. Die Sammelaktion „Lese-Ecke“ in Frankfurt

"Die Lese-Ecke des WESER5 Tagestreffs ist Wohnzimmer für wohnungslose Menschen. Hier können sich Besucher zurückziehen, mit einen Buch entspannen oder davon inspirieren lassen."

2. BĂĽcher spenden - Gutes tun, Berlin

"Mit Ihrer Buch-Spende helfen Sie, integrative Arbeitsplätze für Menschen mit Behinderung zu schaffen und zu erhalten."

3. Bookcrossing, worldwide

"Es ist die Bibliothek für die ganze Welt. Es ist eine schlaue Seite mit sozialem Netzwerk. Die Seite feiert die Literatur und ist ein Platz, an dem Bücher ein neues Leben finden. BookCrossing gibt einem Buch eine unverwechselbare Identität, so dass es verfolgt werden kann, während es von Leser zu Leser weitergegeben wird und somit seine Leser miteinander verbindet. Es gibt aktuell 1.374.698 BookCrosser und 10.695.433 Bücher, die durch 132 Länder reisen. Unsere Gemeinschaft verändert die Welt und berührt mit jedem Buch das Leben der Meschen."


Photos from the event can be found on facebook:


Let’s move forward by taking small steps together!


With smiles and hugs

Your TAA-team:

Aika, Olesya, SveTAA, Svetlana, TAnjA, Uwe and Vihra