I often hear from people, that my laughing is infectious. I believe anyone’s laughing is infectious, just I laugh maybe a bit more often and a bit louder than people normally do, so it becomes conspicuous : ) The case is that actually any emotion of our conversation partners is reflected in ourselves thank to the mirror neurons in our brains, be it sorrow, joy, embarrassment, proud or any other. When we see people in a good or bad mood, we feel the same emotions too.

In this post I want to share with you my thinking and experiences in regard to the good mood and laugh. This weekend I decided to look deeper into the subject of laughing, its nature, its impacts on people’s body and mind and followed the invitation to the seminar of Laurenz Menzinger, who is teaching seminar participant to laugh for no reason. (1) It sounds weird, doesn’t it? But I dared to try and to learn and am happy I did. And here I am - Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL)! : ) Watch out for news, I am looking forward to organize laughter yoga club in Frankfurt as regular TAA event. But if you can’t wait to get the taste of it, check out here for the club already in place:

That is to say, that the very key vision of the Laughter Yoga and its founder Dr. Madan Kataria - world peace, is in accord to the TAA vision - world to become a better place. Laughter Yoga neither has any political or religious background nor primary commercial interest.

Why is laugh the best medicine? Maybe you noticed yourself, that laughing helps to make social connections to other people in many cases faster and more effective than worlds. And strong and broad social relationships are key to human's well-being. Laughing provides you the required resilience and positive attitude in challenging times in life, it is the right tool to take care of the mental health. And of course, the body profits also a lot from cheerful laugh – pain-relieving endorphins are getting released, stress-level sinks, immune system is getting stronger, whole body gets more oxygen, what also results in better productivity etc, etc.

Having said this, I wish you good mood and open and cordial laughter every day, irrespective of weather conditions or whatever else! Keep on laughing and cheering up each other and the world will become a better place :)



Picture by Aika Victoria Kadyralieva