It was a really nice evening in a nice and cozy atmosphere which Interkulturelle Bühne e.V. is offering. It was also very nice to meet new people who decided to join the movie. People were interested to learn about body mind connection, what it is exactly, could it be something for them and also just to enjoy the evening with friends.

I am very interested in a mindfulness topic which I discovered for myself starting from September 2015. And I am very surprised how much information is about mindfulness, body and mind and their connection, which I was not aware about before. I have found the information about the movie “The Connection: mind your body” on one of many pages I am subscribed to be up-dated in mindfulness and decided to screen the movie also in Frankfurt am Main.


I really enjoyed the evening watching the movie with other people who are interested in the topic. We were a small group and could share our opinions and ideas with each other. I liked the scientific explanations and also healing stories very much. For example the story of Scott Stephens – one of the characters from the movie who was terminal patient and had Stage IV Melanoma. And 6 ½ years later he is cancer free. According to what he said, his recovery was not miracle but a hard work.

I wanted to spread the information that there is more awareness that there are other possibilities than only drags and operations. Of course one cannot be healed only with meditation and all necessary drugs have to be taken but I am sure that techniques mentioned in the movie could help us to reduce stress, anxiety and other difficult feeling people have to deal with fighting against their illnesses or difficult life circumstances. And yes, it is a hard work, hard work on own mind and body and their connection.

We also have some friends from India who have attended the movie as well. In India meditation and yoga is a normal almost daily practise and has not to be proved by the science to help people to quite their mind, to connect with the moment and themselves. It was very interesting to hear the “first hand” information from our friends what do they think about the practises mentioned in the movie (the practise should be very helpful but one should be not lazy to do it :=). So do we always need a scientist to be sure that something is really working? Probably in a Western world yes, to get more people who believes and trust. And I am happy that the science decided to put body-mind connection under the magnifier.

If you are interested in the move you could check the official page. There you can find information about the scientific work in the area of body-mind medicine, read about leading scientists in this field, read more about healing stories and read a blog of a film maker.

Happy to hear about your experience as well.