“Talk about it – with every child” – a book about anxiety, depression, stress and trauma written by Karen Glistrup - a social worker and a Danish psychotherapist specialized in families and couples.


I have randomly found information about the book and Karen’s initiative in Internet: http://www.snakomdet.dk/uk/hvorfor/


And I really like the idea to talk with children about mental health problems openly if one understands why it is so important and have one idea how to start to talk.


I think it is very difficult for one to recognize mental health problems oneself first, to accept them and then to talk to family and friends about it. In my opinion, Karen’s book — which is accompanied by child-attractive illustrations from Pia Olsen — could be a very good source for this process in families. The book could help you to break a silence on this topic, a silence nobody would benefit.


In Belarus, where I am from, topics about mental health are still taboo and people often think that, for example, depression does not exist. It is not usual to raise such topics in families, discuss them with friends and especially with children. People may even do not know that they are suffering and need help. “Bad mood” and unhappiness is unconsciously transferred on the closest people. The result is (and this is pointed in Karen’s book) that children start to think that they are guilty for everything going bad in a family and especially that they are guilty that their mum and dad do not feel well. And this can be a very strong negative feeling which children take into their adultness.

I would suggest the book as a help for parents first (also to understand when they have mental health issues as in many cases it is difficult just to recognize this) and then as a help for parents and children together to “talk about it”, releasing the children from any sense of guiltiness.

I understand that it is neither easy for a parent who is dealing with mental illness and nor for a child of a suffering parent. But openly “talking about it” can help to understand and — mostly important — can help to strength relationships in families, so that nobody feels excluded but accepted, understood, and loved.

Due to the fact that mental issues are still a taboo topic and often underestimated in society not everybody could be open for it. But I am sure that there are people who might be searching for this kind of information and even for a long time, who could be ready to deal with the topic. Especially for them, the book could be a great help.

I really hope that one day Karen`s book will appear also in a Russian-translated version in Russian speaking countries, such Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, etc. as I think that no book is currently available in these countries. Moreover, in these countries, a Russian version of the book can be very helpful for the local population as mental health is often an unrecognized and underestimated problem in families there.

To contribute to a better world, also with small bits, I have started the translation into Russian of some excerpt of the book and I am really committed to support the full translation.

Let’s help Karen to break the silence!

With a great help of graphic designer TeR Doessing we are offering you two pages from the book in Russian:

 - «Добро пожаловать!» и «Мозг работает как компьютер». PDF here

 Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about the topic. And in case you know a publisher who could be interested in publishing this book in Russian we would be more than happy ;)