We were a bit silent all this time occupied with professional and personal projects. But there is always something to do for the world and the life around us.

As you might remember we had some packages with clothing donations, which were donated by our friends and neighbors. Some of packages have been successfully sent to Minsk, Belarus to the group Good heart, which directly helps people and families, especially families with small children, in difficult circumstances. Recently it became a bit difficult to send packages to Minsk, despite of the fact that collected here items, especially clothing and toys were a big help for some people. In Belarus a NGO which receives donations, especially from abroad, needs to pay taxes on it. So it does not make clothing donations so attractive then. Also logistically this is not that easy, because packages must be collected from a post office with a car, sorted out and then handed over to families. This is a lot of job even for a good purpose!


So we decided to look around and try to find something here, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Living in a such German city as Frankfurt am Main not all and not always think or imagine that there are people around who need help and could be happy with items not needed by other. It needed a bit of research to find out, what we could do with the collected items, which we wanted to be used on good and non-commercial purpose.

It is really interesting topic indeed!

We found out that there is an internet page wohindamit – where with that - which helps to find a nearest place where different kind of material donations (except of money) could be handed over for a good purpose. This was already a good start.

There are a lot of organizations which take different items and use them on different purposes with something in common: to help/support people in need. The variety of such organizations is huge and one can choose depending on personal preferences.

We were thinking about Frankfurt hilft - an initiative which collects clothing donations for asylum applicants and refugees.

Or Diakoniezentrum Familien-Markt, which sells donated items at an organized fleet market or their own second-hand shop, where jobless people and people with little money can buy donated items.

On a personal recommendation from neighborhood with reference to a very good experience we decided to go for REMAR Deutschland e.V. –a Swiss organization which works with former drug addicts. With the proceeds from the house clearances and apartment cleanings, as well as child sponsorships and donations, the aid projects in different countries are financed. They have a second-hand shop where people can bring items they do not need any more. So did we. REMAR’ people were very friendly and we just handed over all collected packages with clothing, toys, dishes, mugs, etc.




I hope these items could be a help for somebody. On the other hand, I am thinking about the fact that there are a lot of people who really need very simple things and can be happy about it and there are people tired from consumption and without knowing what to do with all the stuff and are ready to buy a new one. May we be able to understand what is consuming our lives and be able to be freed from it.

Some days after the donation I have received a new card via postcrossing from Russia, where a person who send me a card was thankful to us doing something good (I mentioned TAA in my post crossing profile) and sharing their experience in doing good. This is wonderful energy and I am also very glad to know that there are thinking and acting people around the world :)