Do you know any good samples of underground around the world which could be a sample for a city project? I am looking for a good sample which I can propose on the platform "Frankfurt is asking me".

In Frankfurt I do not like that underground is out of date, dark, obscure, there is no enough space, it is not always clean, and it is difficult to understand the directions and destinations being inside, etc.

Yes there are worthier undergrounds in the world but why not to look for good projects which I am sure also exist?

People are starting their working day in public transportation and how they spend their time there depends also how they will feel to work towards clients and colleagues. Because the lighting is not strong one gets depressed feeling.

How might we improve Frankfurter underground that people enjoy time which they spend there and feel more energized after the trip? Do you have any human centered idea? :)

Frankfurt deserves it!

Why I am looking for ideas for underground modernization in the city. And here about architecture that heals.

And already first feedback/ideas/proposals to the question. :)