In November 2016 we hosted 21days kindness challenge on, which is a commercial-free platform run entirely by volunteers with a goal to connect like-minded people and spread good.

68 people from around the world joined the challenge with the different inspirations.

Every day the participants got a small task for a day which supposed to be fulfilled during the day. The tasks were different with a focus on self-love (raising awareness how important it is) in the first part of challenge and with a focus on kindness towards others in the second part.

For us it was first time we hosted one on-line challenge. I am very thankful to all participants for being with us, for sharing how the challenge was going and for the comments to the posts.

We understood that despite of the wish to participate in the challenge there were not always time to do the tasks. This correlates also with the scientific foundlings by University of California, Berkeley: sometimes it could be diffucult to express kindness but not because we are not kind but because we might just not have enough time for this.

It is anything bad but just to keep in mind that the time (absence of it) could be an important factor for our activities. Nevertheless, not all the tasks or any at all could be done in time we believe it was a good exercise to become a bit more aware about usual but so important things.

On 24 November 2016 we hosted call with participants with the idea to share the experience how the challenge was.  We were talking about our motivation to take a challenge. It was interesting to know that the biggest motivation was to meet like-minded people and to feel supported in the own values like kindness and friendliness, to become stronger in this. In some cases not only the challenge itself but also participating on kindspring platform in general has strengthened kind and friendly appearance towards others. Support counts! Even if it is an on-line one.

We were also talking about how the practice from the challenge could be carried forward after the challenge. It is possible for example just open the challenge on platform and remember the tasks and ideas from it, trying to re-do them.

And as a small reminder we would like to share 21days of kindness you can use whenever you feel like doing this:

21day 2


For me the practice would go further wiht a small project I already started on our facebook page. Once I shared a picture of a kindness act in a city I am living in. It was about a pharmacy which was collecting old glasses with the idea to send them in countries where people cannot afford to buy glasses. It means people could not read for example or they are not good at schools only because the do not have glasses to see. Somebody form the challenge liked the idea and wrote that will look for such initiative in own town. So the idea was born: collect local projects in own cities to spread the information how it is possible to help. Often there are very simple ideas everybody from us can support. You can find these ideas with the hashtag #localhelp on our facebook page.