Hello dear all,

My name is Olesya and here I would like to share my thoughts, observations and ideas, to put questions and try to find answers …

I would like to explain to you what TAA means personally for me and why I am here. TAA is an opportunity for me to rethink the world, to find new ways of thinking and acting, to put each system under question and ask: “Why it is the way it is? Is it good for me? Do I agree with it? Does it make sense to me? What could I do to change it for better?” To become more conscious and aware about everything what is happening around and to share this awareness with others.

I truly believe that everybody is the MAJOR PLAYER of the evolution of the change and everybody can take an action. Also I agree with the following quotation of M. Mead "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has (changed the world)."

With TAA I have a possibility to work with highly motivated, open-minded and open hearted people and to learn that everything, any idea can be implemented if you receive motivated, creative and unlimited support.

Would be really happy if you share your thoughts with me as well.



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Do you know any good samples of underground around the world which could be a sample for a city project? I am looking for a good sample which I can propose on the platform "Frankfurt is asking me".

In Frankfurt I do not like that underground is out of date, dark, obscure, there is no enough space, it is not always clean, and it is difficult to understand the directions and destinations being inside, etc.

Yes there are worthier undergrounds in the world but why not to look for good projects which I am sure also exist?

People are starting their working day in public transportation and how they spend their time there depends also how they will feel to work towards clients and colleagues. Because the lighting is not strong one gets depressed feeling.

How might we improve Frankfurter underground that people enjoy time which they spend there and feel more energized after the trip? Do you have any human centered idea? :)

Frankfurt deserves it!

Why I am looking for ideas for underground modernization in the city. And here about architecture that heals.

And already first feedback/ideas/proposals to the question. :)


In November 2016 we hosted 21days kindness challenge on KindSpring.org, which is a commercial-free platform run entirely by volunteers with a goal to connect like-minded people and spread good.


It was a really nice evening in a nice and cozy atmosphere which Interkulturelle Bühne e.V. is offering. It was also very nice to meet new people who decided to join the movie. People were interested to learn about body mind connection, what it is exactly, could it be something for them and also just to enjoy the evening with friends.


«Просто поговори об этом ... с каждым ребенком» - книга о тревожных расстройствах, депрессии, стрессе и травмах. Книга написана Карен Глиструп – работником социальной сферы и психотерапевтом, специализирующимся на семьях и парах. Карен живет и работает в Дании.


Я случайно натолкнулась на ее книгу в инетрете: http://www.snakomdet.dk/uk/hvorfor/


“Talk about it – with every child” – a book about anxiety, depression, stress and trauma written by Karen Glistrup - a social worker and a Danish psychotherapist specialized in families and couples.


I have randomly found information about the book and Karen’s initiative in Internet: http://www.snakomdet.dk/uk/hvorfor/



World Mental Health Day went great!


October 10 is promoted as a World Mental Health Day by the World Health Organization (WHO). Our intention this evening was to raise the awareness about mental health to be able to understand people dealing with to.

We were only a small but –as usual- very international group and this was very good because the atmosphere was very cozy and trustful.


The first time I thought about this question was in September 2013 in Akureyri, Iceland. We were walking with Vihra in the small beautiful city and talking about what makes us travel? what does it mean for us? And when we returned home where we were staying we randomly found a book where the authors  were also trying to answer this question… It was like one of such small coincidences which makes you smile thinking that it should be a kind of sign… The name of the book was One People: Many Journeys and I would like to share the introduction written by Maureen Wheeler (lonely planet co-founder) with you because it was written in a very nice and deep way and I liked it a lot.