DIana Oct2

Dear all,

we know that some of you have been incredibly helpful supporting little Diana and we are very grateful for all your efforts.

To keep you updated on little girl's case: Diana has been diagnosed with a relapse during the MRT on the 22 July. Since 2013 it is the third one for the little girl, the last long treatment was over in April 2016. Diana's doctor believes that the surgery is necessary since the condition that Diana has - embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma - is quite aggressive and if not removed may be progressing.
Family and friends are trying to collect $20.000 for the surgery. $4.000 have been raised so far and there was $6.000 remaining from the previous treatment. Olga hopes for the best but she needs our help to raise the rest of the amount.

September 26, 2016: The doctors had to make last controls and schedule the day of the surgery for Diana. As a result they decided to continue with another chemo, The surgery is scheduled at the end of October 2016.

Dear all, your contribution is greatly appreciated (you can choose the amount of money to donate, it is not starting from EUR 20 as it states on the page). Smaller donations are also very valuable. You can help us raise funds for Diana's surgery here:


Also, it's Diana's birthday on 16 October and she will be turning 6 this year.  So we were wondering, if you could send her a birthday card from wherever you are right now - it would make a little girl smile to receive love and warm wishes from all around the world. It is her third birthday she has to celebrate in the hospital so let's try to make it a little easier for her?

This is the address of Olga (Diana's Mum), where you can send your cards:



220124 MINSK


And please remember, small steps matter.

A huge thank you to each and every one of you for your support. If you wish to stay informed, please join our group we've created for Diana here. Initial information on Diana's case in our first article here.


With gratitude your TAA Team:

Aika, Olesya, SveTAA, Svetlana, Tanja, Uwe and Vihra.