170208 FlugpateWanted

#localhelp #kindnessmatters

Dear all,

help can be so easy! As you know we are supporting a small girl from Minsk, Belarus who is bravely fighting with cancer!

Any kind of help is appreciated by Diana and her mom! We are collecting money for the medical treatment of Diana but also any kind of clothes, shoes for her and her mom. Also toys, washing powders cosmetics for highly sensitive children (due to many chemo Diana has to used this kind of cosmetics). So if you, or or friends have something which can be used by Diana please contact us.

We also are looking for #Flugpate - any person who us flying from Frankfurt am Main to Minsk, have any space in the luggage and is ready to do something good and really important while taking some stuff we have collected for Diana here with a help pf so many people. It would be really great support for us, because we can reduce shipping costs on this way and send Diana even more things she needs.

If you are interested in this please do not hesitate to contact us!