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The Story of the Wind

The wind woke up and heard the rain outside… it was like music calling her to come out and explore….“I am coming, wait for me”. 

And the wind went outside…. into the forest, along the see…and there along the road she found an interesting place…. Hhhhm (the wind is curious by nature) “I will check it out”… so she opened the door and entered into the room.

Welcoming voice said…”Hello come in and be my guest J

But how do you imagine that the wind will stay into a room.

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For this post I have decided to use a bit more visualization:-) ...enjoy the journey

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Today we had a guest professor who presented the topic "Economics and sustainability”.

The lecture was very informative and I have learned a lot. 

Why it was another type of lecture? 

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I was thinking a lot about my next post… how can I share all the information I have learned in the last two weeks. Challenging task as I don’t want to share neither too much nor too little.

In the last two weeks we went through the scientific foundations of both the ecological and social sustainability.

We started from the basics….what is science? …sounds simple but it was so important to create a common understanding for the basic terms and concepts….and science in its broadest sense is a common language, the only one understood and accepted across cultures and national borders.

I am tempted to go into details but I will try to give you the essence and some reflections…internet can provide the rest:-)

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Living in a new country reminds me how many behavioural patterns I follow unconsciously.
Today I went to the second hand shop of the Red Cross looking for a folder to organise my notes. I chose one and then realised that it was for paper with two holes….hhhm but I need a normal one (with one hole). I had to look for a while until I found what I was looking for….strange why the people bring to the second hand shop so many folders with two holes…probably they don’t need them anymore.

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The MSLS Statement of Purpose says *Spread a culture of caring* and we do have an extraordinary culture of supporting and helping each other. If you need help, irrespective what the reason might be, the whole group will encourage you look for ways to help you... and will help you.
Given the best social environment to actually ask for help, I observe how difficult it is do it... true for myself as well. Why? 

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TRUST THE PROCESS... phrase I hear quite often here....and it simply gets deeper in me. 
Many times in my life I have trusted the process... unconsciously... I just had the feeling that this is the right thing... NOW I start to trust it...consciously.