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The last few days my head was spinning around from all the information we have received. It is the second week of the program but I lost the track of time. 
The main event of the first week was a 3-day workshop with the second founder of the program, also founder of The Natural Step, winner of the Blue Planet Prize, the ‘Nobel prize’ for ecological sustainability and… and... and… - Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt.
In those 3 days he gave us the summary of the Big Picture…the scientific foundation (or the basic principles) about how our planet functions as a complex system… what does sustainability mean...why we should care about it... and what can we do about it. 

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I have already heard it few times ….the program is what we make out of it! 

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The program has officially started today with “Welcome and Historical Roots”, a speech given by one of the founders of the program - Göran Broman. He is a person who has a dream… his dream is the MSLS program and us being part of it. 

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Imagine you have 2 hours to create a Group Statement of Purpose, which is aligned with all the people part of this group… about 30 people from 20 nationalities. So it was one of our tasks in the orientation week. 

Here is our joint and unique outcome:

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On Wednesday we visited Skärva Gård, an organic farm nearby Karlskrona. 
It was a perfect day…for the first time I didn’t need my rain and wind jacket, but do needed my sun glasses;-)
We got to the farm…and the first feeling was… so friendly and relaxed…even the cat looked like it was meditating for hours:-)))
After the most amazing home made vegan cake and an inspiring welcome speech from the owner, we were separated in few groups. It was time for some work. The choice was between different types of garden work and cooking. After the vegan cake I thought it is a good opportunity to learn something from the cook:-) 

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Monday, 25th of August, people started to fill the MSLS learning lab (imagine a big living room)... sitting comfortably on the sofas we started with a short introduction round... 
so many people from all over the world....Bulgaria;-), Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Brasil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Iran, Jordan, Canada, US, Indonesia, China...and 20 more people are about to total we are going to be between 40 and 50.
Everybody is eager to find out more about the others…What is their background?…Why they have decided to join the program?…What are they passionate about?….???