Here I am back to writing…..It took me some time to come back to my posts. March was an amazing month and in the same time very intense, with a lot of traveling, meaningful conversations with amazing people, exploring, reflecting, meeting my family and and and…..and so here I am sitting in the Obenaus garden, drinking my smoothie with freshly gathered nettle, apples and honey and thinking what do I want to share with this post.
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Recently I am reflecting a lot on my personal transformational journey….in August 2014 I quit my management consulting job in Frankfurt, left to Karlskrona, Sweden to study Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability. In June 2015 I graduated and for 2 months I was traveling through Europe, being a nomad with a lot of homes…..I started working with online facilitation….continued traveling….living in a community….stepping in and stepping back, doing and being, exploring, listening to my intuition, groaning and growing….
Looking back at the last year and a half, it has been such an amazing journey….a journey I could never plan, expect or even imagine. When does the transformation process started? A lot of people think that it was since I left my job in Frankfurt….indeed the journey stared then but the process started much earlier. It is even difficult to say when….it accelerated  after I took 7 weeks off in January 2013 to travel to Latin America but it started even before. I would not try to find the exact starting point….is there such?... or our life is an ongoing transition?
I am asking myself why am I writing this post?….What is the purpose of it?……and to be honest I am not sure… I am reflecting, sharing, exploring my own journey…..
What starts to become more and more clear for me is that transition periods are coming again and again…..the 10 months I spent in Karlskrona were a high speed transition incubator, then started the transition period back to real life, now another phase is starting and I have no idea what it will bring. What is actually transition? For me it is very difficult to put it into words, because for me transition starts with a feeling, inner impulse, longing…..I just realise that I start calling it a transition once my mind has responded to this inner call and the process becomes conscious. What I am practicing a lot is listening to this inner call. More I am in this practice, more I start to realise that the answers of my questions are indeed already inside of me. Sometimes i don’t like them and I try to create others but at the end it might take a retour but will get back to the original answer. It starts to sound a bit abstract…..This practice applies not only to the big decisions in my life but to the everyday questions and engagements I encounter. It has to do a lot with the question When to step in and when to step back? …..this was the calling question of the Art of Hosting training in March in Karlskrona…..this question is very much working with me. 
I am getting too much into my head….time to enjoy the summer in Obenaus :-)