I made a commitment for 8 weeks to start my week by writing a post. Why? My life has changed significantly since I decided to go to Sweden and study Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS). In the same time it feels so natural that I cannot even imagine that it could have been differently. In June 2015 I have graduated and since then I am living from the emergent future….for some time traveling and being a nomad, integrating what I have learned during MSLS into my life, being an Art of Hosting practitioner, working with pro action learning to pioneer practices for enlivening organisations, becoming self employed, co-creating a remote self-organising team, designing and moderating online programmes, practicing asking critical questions, creating a weekly reflective practice and sharing it with other people, spending a lot of time in nature, being active member of the growing Obenaus Community, living in Frankfurt and living on a farm, organising Learning Village for people in the transition between studies and real life, developing professional development programme online….
What else has emerged and what does it mean to live from the emerging future? He he…. this is the reason why I committed to write those posts. For me it is a way to reflect on what is happening in my life by putting it into words and simply sharing it. It might be interesting for YOU as a reader….because you are a friend and this is a way to see what is happening in my life or you are a stranger who for whatever reason is curious reading those lines… In any case, you are more than welcome to be part of my journey, to reflect with me or share your thoughts with me…. or even if you are only the idea of someone I am sharing my thoughts with….it is what it has to be.