The Story of the Forest

In a country far in the north there was a beautiful forest. It was known as a magical place, rich in its variety. From strong trees to gentle flowers, everything was contributing to its magic.

As the winter approached and the darkness became reality, the forest felt different. The species felt that something was trying to emerge.

What was it? How to deal with it?

All species remembered the sunny summer days and it felt as if the darkness took over the light.

Everyone was experiencing the transformational process differently. Some of the tall trees were better positioned to catch more of the scarce sunlight, others were more flexible to adapt, but others felt left in the shadows.

The forest looked like before but the magic started fading. What was it? How to deal with it?

The forest Elf was very concerned, he was deeply connected to all the creatures in the forest and was feeling their pain as if it was his own. The magic was his home and now it was going away. He decided to do something, to bring back the harmony, to rebuild the trust and to re-connect to the magical source of the forest.

He called a meeting, where every voice can be heart.

Nobody knew what to expect from this meeting but everyone came ...and came with open heart.

And then something magical happened...

...some of the most silent voices in the forest took the talking piece and spoke deep from their heart.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in this forest, being part of this magical space, listening to those voices speaking deep from their heart. Feel the energy emerging.

The tall trees realized that they were carrying shadows with them, shadows that can be protective in the sunny summer days but bringing darkness in the winter hours...

The flowers had their shadows as well. They were very sensitive to every tremble of the wind.

But they were only trees and flowers... What should they do?

All the species had place in the forest...tall or small, laud or silent ... all together they were part of this magical assemble.

It was a dark period in the cycle of the forest. Soon the sun was going to show again...followed by another dark and sunny days...and the cycle would go on.

What happened was that they lost the rhythm and had to re-connect to each other and find it again.

To find the rhythm the whole forest had to slow down, come together and listen... and from the deep listening emerged a deeper connection.

The End