The Story of the Wind

The wind woke up and heard the rain outside… it was like music calling her to come out and explore….“I am coming, wait for me”. 

And the wind went outside…. into the forest, along the see…and there along the road she found an interesting place…. Hhhhm (the wind is curious by nature) “I will check it out”… so she opened the door and entered into the room.

Welcoming voice said…”Hello come in and be my guest J

But how do you imagine that the wind will stay into a room.

Then, suddenly, the door opened and other winds entered into the room. They were coming from far away. Hhhm interesting, thought our hero…. Who are they? Where are they coming from?

Then the host said “Do you want to share your story with us?”

They all had a story to tell… but only imagine the chaos that will occur if everyone starts talking. “How can it work?”  

Than the host said “Can I invite you to a silent dialogue?” … silent?… dialogue?

Hhhhm (the winds are curious by nature) … ”Lets try”.  

The Story of the Wind 1

And then they let them fly around and share in silence the stories they were carrying on their way.  

They planted the seeds of their impressions and let each other look at them and put their seeds next to them.

The time past so fast…. The winds did not even realize that they were in a room.

The time stopped in this magic silent storytelling.

The seeds started growing in front of the winds.

Our hero could not even imagine all the colors, which evolved. “Some are different and others just the same…but all are beautiful”.

The seeds turned into beautiful plants. They stopped and looked at them.

The Story of the Wind 2

The winds felt proud from the harvest; enriched with the seeds they have shared and somehow calm… they felt cozy to be together and to share the warmth of this space.

Was that magic?

The Story of the Wind 3

The door opened and our hero continued on her way.

It was not raining anymore. The sunshine came out to share its story.

The Story of the Wind 4

The end