Today we had a guest professor who presented the topic "Economics and sustainabilityā€¯.

The lecture was very informative and I have learned a lot. 

Why it was another type of lecture? 

Actually, it was a lecture which reminds me a lot my previous studiesā€¦.the professor comes, gives you a lot of informationā€¦but you leave with a headache. However, this lecture was so different from all the other classes we had until now. Why?

My observation is that the MSLS approach is to treat us as human beings and partners. 

Human beings, as we have our biological processes and it is not about pushing harder and harderā€¦.so for example breaks do matter!!! When we had the science foundations, taught by one of the founders of the program, he put an alarm clock (appr. every hour) to remind him that it was time for a breakā€¦ this time we had a break almost every two hours. The science foundations were not less complicated but I had no headache at the end, I was able to follow much better and I do enjoyed it much more.

Partners, as in all the lectures until now I had the feeling we are working together for a common goalā€¦we need the knowledge the program can offer us and the program needs us to go out and bring the sustainability concept further. In this lecture I felt for the first time like a student and not really a partner.