The MSLS Statement of Purpose says *Spread a culture of caring* and we do have an extraordinary culture of supporting and helping each other. If you need help, irrespective what the reason might be, the whole group will encourage you… look for ways to help you... and will help you.
Given the best social environment to actually ask for help, I observe how difficult it is do it... true for myself as well. Why? 
Is the society not going to accept my weaknesses? .... hhhhm.... thinking about it I realise that actually it is not a weakness to ask for help... BUT what is it?
Me being strong to deal with everything?...Me not feeling comfortable to bother other people?...Me feeling afraid to look stupid if I ask for help?...
This is something I want to learn… so it is time to get some practice:-)
Few days ago I started reading and researching for an assignment, and my head got blocked with information… Such a familiar feeling but “if I push myself I can make it”…however I know that on a long run it is not a good idea and I will simply not enjoy the journey. 
I remembered that in the group some people were speaking about ENERGIZERS. Learning from my observations above, I asked the people in the group to teach me some energizers and help me improve my concentration in such situations.
We are about 20 people eager to exchange ideas on that topic and I am about to organize a small workshop... I am sure it will be very helpful and also a lot of fun!