The last few days my head was spinning around from all the information we have received. It is the second week of the program but I lost the track of time. 
The main event of the first week was a 3-day workshop with the second founder of the program, also founder of The Natural Step, winner of the Blue Planet Prize, the ‚ÄėNobel prize‚Äô for ecological sustainability and‚Ķ and... and‚Ķ - Dr. Karl-Henrik Rob√®rt.
In those 3 days he gave us the summary of the Big Picture‚Ķthe scientific foundation (or the basic principles) about how our planet functions as a complex system‚Ķ what does sustainability mean...why we should care about it... and what can we do about it. 
I wish you were there to hear him‚Ķ but at least you can get a good idea and some inspiration from the short videos on The Natural Step website. 
I can also highly recommend you to read the story of The Natural Step‚Ķand how about 30 years ago Dr. Rob√®rt reached a consensus with over 50 scientists from different fields on what are the "most basic levels to safeguard prosperous life for humans on the planet‚ÄĚ. The "consensus paper‚ÄĚ was sent to every household and school in Sweden... no surprise that this is one of the (or the) most sustainable country in the world. 
Some personal reflections:
I have to admit that subjects such as chemistry and physics were never my favourite at school‚Ķ yes, I have learned the basics (for the exams) but it was so abstract.  
However, becoming more interested in the topic of sustainability, I started realising that I am missing the scientific foundations‚Ķ. 
After the workshop with Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt I had an AHHHHHAaa experience… to have a good basic understanding I don’t need a PhD in this area… I was missing the big picture and once given, I started to connect the dots. There is a lot more to learn but now it makes sense and is much more fun to do it:-)
Once we knew the basic principles, which enable our planet to keep on providing us with the resources we depend on (clean water, air, food, etc.), we came to what does sustainability mean. Another AHHHHHAaa experience… the definition of sustainability came from being unsustainable…so to be sustainable you don’t have to contribute for the violation of the basic principles. (More about the principles you can find here)
Within a day my definition of sustainability has re-shaped… before it was wondering around…alone... as everyone else had its own definition.
Actually, my going in position that "sustainability is to live in harmony with myself, with the society and the nature. It is also awareness‚Ķawareness about the negative as well as the positive impact of my actions‚ÄĚ is still something I believe in but this is turning more into a guiding principle:-) Plus now I know much more about the positive and the negative effects of my actions.
The beauty of the science is that it is based on facts‚Ķand definition based on facts can be shared with the other people aware of those facts‚Ķ.so it turns into a common language. 
Now I learn the language of sustainability! 
Wondering if I can put it under ‚Äúforeign languages‚ÄĚ on my CV‚Ķ.hhhhm I rather create a category ‚Äúnatural languages‚ÄĚ ;-)