The program has officially started today with “Welcome and Historical Roots”, a speech given by one of the founders of the program - Göran Broman. He is a person who has a dream… his dream is the MSLS program and us being part of it. 

The MSLS program as such started back in 2004 and since then more than 500 people from over 60 nationalities have graduated it….a network also refered as the “Sustainability Virus” or the “Swedish Sustainability Mafia” :-)))))) 

Göran Broman is a person with a big heart and a great vision, and in the same time so down to earth. His warm welcome finished with his advise that we should take care of us, take time to relax, move, eat properly…because we have to be fit in order to bring the topic forward. On Friday I am joining the Judo introduction class he is offering for students:-)