Imagine you have 2 hours to create a Group Statement of Purpose, which is aligned with all the people part of this group… about 30 people from 20 nationalities. So it was one of our tasks in the orientation week. 

Here is our joint and unique outcome:

*Spread a culture of caring*

Our purpose and intention is to learn, apply, grow, and create a culture of sustainability, in order to drive positive change across the globe. 

Learn - We will learn, develop, imporve, practice and share the skills necessary to inspire, influence and convey knowledge. 

Apply - To create and keep a chaordic learning space in which we can take advantage of the diversity of experience within the group in order to be creative and bring concepts to life. 

Grow - Individuals respecting diversity, cultivating perspeverance and resilience, overcoming limiting beliefs, and awakening to our purpose, and identifying what we can bring to the team. 

Culture - To create spaces that foster and encourage authenticity, empowering fellow MSLSers to achieve their purposes, forming a community of collaboration based on listening, understanding, love and respect - in and beyond the classroom. 

[This above is the Statement of Purpose created by the MSLS 2015 cohort in their opening 2-day workshop. Congratulations and may your purpose drive your 10 months together, and beyond! Best wishes for a fantastic year and welcome to Karlskrona].