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Through joining my Master programme in Sweden I learned about a number of "different" study programmes, met people who graduated some of them and I think they are offering an amazing new ways of education. If you are searching for something out of the box, this might be a pretty good starting point. Consider also that not everyone requires a previous degree, they also have different focus and attract different age groups, so the best is to see what fits your needs and desires. Please if you know other programmes, just add them in a comment to my list. 

I will add or adjust the list on the go but I think this is a good start :-) Enjoy exploring them!


Here I am back to writing…..It took me some time to come back to my posts. March was an amazing month and in the same time very intense, with a lot of traveling, meaningful conversations with amazing people, exploring, reflecting, meeting my family and and and…..and so here I am sitting in the Obenaus garden, drinking my smoothie with freshly gathered nettle, apples and honey and thinking what do I want to share with this post.
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I am sitting at the Copenhagen airport on the way to Karlskrona for the Art of Hosting training…..trying to wake up after two nights with little sleep. What are my practices in such moments….ha ha….I am very innovative… would not guess it…..I am drinking coffee and trying to use every short opportunity to have a little nap :-) 
I am asking myself what do I want to share in this post, my brain is not really functioning in order to make sense with words… I will share some pictures of playing in the snow with the Obenaus dog Malu. Actually this is my favourite practice in the moment…..playing... and being with animals….. Enjoy!
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Lately the topic of building communities is becoming very present for me….living communities, communities of practice, online communities…..  I asked myself the question what is the community I envisage? Where is the borderline between professional and personal communities? What is the center/core/heart of the community I want to create? Am I creating or co-creating a community? What is my role in those communities to be created? Why do I want to (co)create communities?  
It is getting difficult to put those things in words….so if it is a bit hard to follow just bare with me. 
During my studies in Sweden and my life journey afterwards I experienced different practices for enlivening myself, communities, organisations. Those practices are so simple and so powerful, and I was amazed that at the age of 29 I learned about them for the first time. Some of them I can practice on my own and I do, however by inviting other people to join creates a very different experience. Others are only possible in a bigger group, where the collective intelligence can be used. I will tell you more about those practices in a moment.
In the process of all those mixed thoughts I realised that actually I don’t what to create a community but to create spaces and invite people to practice. Communities might form around it, however this is something which emerges. I am extremely grateful to all those people who created and keep on creating such spaces and invite me into them…THANK YOU!
Here I would like to introduce some of the practices I use. Some of them I use on a weekly basis, some once a month. It is not an attempt to provide a complete list. I continue to try and adapt new practices into my lifestyle but those are the practices which are very present for me at the moment.

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I made a commitment for 8 weeks to start my week by writing a post. Why? My life has changed significantly since I decided to go to Sweden and study Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS). In the same time it feels so natural that I cannot even imagine that it could have been differently. In June 2015 I have graduated and since then I am living from the emergent future….for some time traveling and being a nomad, integrating what I have learned during MSLS into my life, being an Art of Hosting practitioner, working with pro action learning to pioneer practices for enlivening organisations, becoming self employed, co-creating a remote self-organising team, designing and moderating online programmes, practicing asking critical questions, creating a weekly reflective practice and sharing it with other people, spending a lot of time in nature, being active member of the growing Obenaus Community, living in Frankfurt and living on a farm, organising Learning Village for people in the transition between studies and real life, developing professional development programme online….
What else has emerged and what does it mean to live from the emerging future? He he…. this is the reason why I committed to write those posts. For me it is a way to reflect on what is happening in my life by putting it into words and simply sharing it. It might be interesting for YOU as a reader….because you are a friend and this is a way to see what is happening in my life or you are a stranger who for whatever reason is curious reading those lines… In any case, you are more than welcome to be part of my journey, to reflect with me or share your thoughts with me…. or even if you are only the idea of someone I am sharing my thoughts with….it is what it has to be.

Baby Green

Long time since my last post. The last months have been such a dynamic transformational journey. A lot of new ideas and inspiration are awakening inside of me, just like a forest awakening in the spring, covered with baby green leaves:-)

Baby Green

The Story of the Forest

In a country far in the north there was a beautiful forest. It was known as a magical place, rich in its variety. From strong trees to gentle flowers, everything was contributing to its magic.

As the winter approached and the darkness became reality, the forest felt different. The species felt that something was trying to emerge.

What was it? How to deal with it?

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