Dear friends,

as the result of your participation and donations at the Charity Concert “One day for Belarus”  in September 2013 we have collected more than €2.500. As planned, these donations (almost the whole collected amount) were spent on medical equipment for the Belarussian Children Hospice in Minsk, Belarus. Please find more information about the event here.

After providing the hospice with the medical equipment, there was an amount of €591,80 of donations left and we decided to contact hospice again to figure out what else was needed. In consultation with the hospice, it was decided to purchase a bathing support Basti for a little boy Jan. Jan has children cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus which make him unable to move. The bathing support makes daily hygiene procedures possible for Jan and is an enormous support for his mother to carry these out.

With your additional support and participation we could collect the further amount of (€1.189,62) needed to buy the bathing support.

Invoice bathing support

The bathing support was transported on July 24th, 2014 from Frankfurt to Minsk and delivered to Jan’s mother on July 26th, 2014. She was very happy and thankful to all who made this happen. She also took several photos of Jan using the bathing support.

However, for privacy reasons, the TAA team decided not to publish these at our web page – the photos are very personal and deeply touching. If you would like to take a look at pictures of Jan and him using the bathing support, please contact our team.

We are wishing Jan and his family good luck!