Dear friends and supporters of the Belarusian Children Hospice,

Thanks to you we have collected more than €2,500 during our Charity Concert “One day for Belarus” directly as well as via the platform! As planned, this money (almost the total collected sum) was spent on medical equipment for the hospice:

1st position: 5x blood pressure gauges with an extra small children sleeve. Such blood pressure gauges are hardly available in Belarus (cost: €377,31);

2nd position: 3x anti-decubitus systems, which are constantly needed in the hospice (cost: €472);

3rd position:  2x suction pump for airways on a battery (€1.160,85). These suction pumps are portable and enable children to be more mobile and spend time in their families, not only in the hospice.

Remaining €591,80 will also be spent for the hospice daily needs (a part of this money came after our charity concert)

We personally went to the hospice and handed over the equipment on November 22nd to the chief accountant of the hospice Ms. Gorchakova. Ms. Gorchakova thanked you all on behalf of the whole organization as well as its small patients! The hospice is very grateful to you all not only for the equipment but also for your compassion, thoughtfulness and non-indifference for the destiny of the ill children. This support means a lot for families where children’s lives are threatened or limited.

Tanja & Marcel: “While handing over the medical equipment to the chief accountant, Ms. Gorchakova, and talking about daily problems, we understood that the hospice staff is facing an absolutely different "daily working life" compared to us.  The work of the children’s hospice staff is admirable because despite sorrowful moments they remain optimistic and try to provide help to children and their families as much as they can.  We wish the hospice - its staff and its small patients - all the best!

We would like to draw your attention that we have nominated our project "Medical equipment donation to Belarusian hospice" for the Twitter Challenge (running 'till 31/12/2013) on betterplace.

You could help us to get a price (EUR 4,000.00) from Twitter, which will be spent for promoting of the project through Twitter, by twitting or re-twitting our project (please see the link above). To do so, you just need just to click the Twitter button at the internet page mentioned above. Please support us in this challenge. With the Twitter prize we would like to draw attention to the Belorussian Children Hospice, Minsk, Belarus, so they could probably find more people interested to support them. Hospice constantly needs equipment for incurable ill children. And it is worth to mention again, that with your support we already provided Hospice with highly needed equipment.

Thank you!