Our first charity event "Thinking and acting" with the idea to support SOS Kinderdorf project "SOS-Nothilfe-Syrien" went great!
With your help EUR 710 (!!! applause!!!) have been raised to support life-savings projects in this country where crisis generated by the war enters in its third year.
Thank you all! YOU ARE GREAT THINKING AND ACTING PEOPLE!!!! Here you can take a look at SOS Kinderdorf donation confirmation.

We would like to say personal thanks to everybody for your active participation and for supporting of the first charity event! Special thanks to Tanja with her great voice and Rali who probably has raised more money than we did! :) Thank you for coming on Friday and coming from Heidelberg an Mainz!!! Thanks to people who could not come but have participated with money: Jorge, Marta and Alexander!

It was a really good beginning of thinking and acting and we hope to support your further ideas as well!

Organizational moment: we would like to mention once again that it is possible to receive a receipt from SOS-Kinderdorf with the donated amount for further tax reduction. If you would like to receive such a confirmation from the organization, please let me know by 19/03. Following data from you has to be provided to me for further providing to SOS Kinderd├Ârfer: your name, address, donated amount.

After we receive this information from you we can transfer money to SOS-Kinderd├Ârfer. SOS-Kinderd├Ârfer has to be provided with the above mentioned information prior to our transfer.

How else can we help Syria:

As world citizens we can also sign the petition supported by "Save the children" organization asking to stop the war, to stop "that children are killed, maimed, to stop sexual violence of children, torture, their recruitment and use by armed forces and groups as soldiers and human shields". To help the "lost generation" to find the future. For more information visit:

Save the Children